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Rio – 21 Criminal Court, Rio turned in Thursday night, 17 in the custody of the detention in the law of the 31 accused of looting that took place in the centre of the state capital on Tuesday 15. The decision came after an analysis of arrest records. Justice understands that there is consistent evidence of the involvement of the accused in the facts reported by the civilian police.

Judge Claudia Ribeiro decided to release the accused. In prison, did the defendant have released in ten days. Preventive measures don’t determine release dates. Arrested during the protests, three demonstrators were released on Thursday. They were in the general prison Judge Patrícia Lourival Acioli in São Gonçalo (Rio Grande) on Tuesday, 15. There are still 58 men they all thought in São Gonçalo three of the women who are in the Pangu in the western region of the capital.

With the arrest in case the accused may be released in ten days. Preventive measures don’t determine release dates. Up to 18 hours, won the war of GERD Augusto Castelloes Dudenhoeffer, Renato Tomaz De Aquino and the Cerro Preto Oiticica. Lawyers Dudenhoeffer, Aquinas and Oiticica managed to submit the documents certifying residence and occupation, which led Justice in granting licenses version.

Prisoners, they were subjected to physical violence in prison. They followed procedures common in the prison system. Joined, stripping, wearing the outfit and had the hair cut close to her head. The new series opened in June. The protesters were kept in separate wards from other prisoners. Cells have the ability to six prisoners each with three bunk beds and a bathroom. There are reports that, when they arrived to the cells of the ground water due to heavy rains that hit the region two days ago.

“Good facilities” of the state deputy Marcelo Freixo (Psol), who visited the protesters on this Thursday afternoon. University College of communications in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) is one of released today, Oiticica stated that “sank” the experience this week.

He said that the business of collective media, a river in the street apurava information on the steps in front of the headquarters of the Municipal Council (in Cinelândia, centro) when the area was surrounded by military police (pm). All in the place were arrested. After the capture of the university was transferred to 25 the police station in Engenho Novo, North Zone of Rio. According to the account Oiticica, he and the other prisoners are unaware of the reason why they have been brought to DP. The accused have just been informed that they will go to prison at 10 a.m. this Wednesday, the 16th, 12 hours after the detention.

“I think the police just decided to arrest us a scapegoat to show that you are doing something,” he said Oiticica. The student stated that the family was very worried to believe, but this should not prevent you from returning to the demonstrations “with more force”.

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