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Rio – the civil police are investigating the death of Paulo Roberto Pinho de Menezes, 18, after a police chase in the village of Manguinhos, zona norte of Rio, on Wednesday, the 16th, early in the morning. Relatives of the Young accused PMs of the police pacification unit (UPP) has been beaten to death in an alley in the community. The police deny.

The police officers accused in 21 police station (DP) that Menezes tried to flee from the approach he fainted and fell to the ground before being caught. According to the municipal Secretariat of health of the victim arrived dead at the emergency services unit (PSU) of Manguinhos, where he was taken in the course of the afternoon.

Representative Jose Pedro da Silva on Wednesday that preliminary studies of the legal medical institute (IML) point out that Menezes was under the influence of drugs. Experts found a lesion on the right side of the boy’s mouth. There were no signs of gunshot or stab wounds in the body. The delegate further said that the boy seven tickets by the police for theft and armed robbery.

Relatives of Menezes says he was dragged from the PMs to a dark alley, where she had been struck and killed. According to relatives, the teen had a disagreement with a police officer from the UPP, and will be threatened.

On Wednesday 16 afternoon, neighbors and friends to make a demonstration against the police action. They threw stones against the police officers patrolling in the area. Student Juliane Karoline Cavalcante dos Santos, 17, was shot in his right leg during a protest at the hospital.

In the memorandum, coordination of the pacification police reported that about 3h15 Wednesday, 16, the police conduct routine patrols in the locality known as Barrinho saw four of the young settlement, as the proposed implementation approach one of the youth fled in the direction of the alley, clearly startled, fell fainted even before being arrested by the police”.

Also, according to the statement the police put the young unconscious inside the car and led her to the UPA Manguinhos”. Note also that “according to police reports, the youth that were with Paulo Roberto stated that it was the smell loló minutes before it happened”.

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