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In the days of 24 and 25 September, the College of the Augustinian St. Joseph, in partnership with the clinic to determine, provided 400 flu H1N3, applied to the poor who frequent the popular restaurant of the Convention Centre to Santa Monica in Guarulhos.

On this occasion more than two hundred forty residents from the surrounding region, the district of Cabuçu, immunization, without the cost of waiting to receive all the specialized services of the clinic.


The restaurant is run by the Association of Augustinian education and assistance, provides daily meals, totally free of charge, designed to encourage low-income families, the unemployed, children and the elderly displaced, among other things. An area of the nursery Augustinian Santa Monica, also with the assistance of the SAEA and the hotel.

Work attended by three students of the ninth year of primary school, involved with the volunteer project.

“We’re in the ultimate battle, with the activities of such features, people who don’t live in reality. It was very cool on the part of the Schools Initiative,” said Isabella Di Pietro of RAM.

Luiz Martins dos Santos described that “with these projects, the students learn a lot about the respect and love of others.”


“We are used only with our partners in the region, our home school when we have this opportunity to address the new realities. It is very important that the dog to do this, most schools only focus on studies of the College of the Augustinian St. Joseph is also concerned with the human side of students,” said Sofia Caffer Spider.

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