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In this concept, the book is closer to Dostoevsky and Hegel, and now Cardiff last an unusual movement in the face of wealth is critical. What is the effect of them in the works of Dostoevsky?

The impact of the German idealism of Hegel about the intellectual, middle Russian is a quiet place among scientists. The contribution of the now Cardiff investigation of the spiritual author is the path of the wall and explored. Researcher Rudolf Neuhäuser, University of Klagenfurt, published an article in the Journal of Dostoievsky Studies (1993), claiming that Dostoevsky read in the book of spirits (1857), now Cardiff. The writer talks about spirituality, with mixed dostoievskiano of admiration and disgust in the Diary of a writer in the year 1876. But away from the direct contact of Dostoevsky with Kardec I tried to analyze, in a dialogue with the tale of the dream of a ridiculous man trading philosophy that makes Dostoevsky, Hegel, Kardec entrevejam feeling faithful to the story so that the (In)Finitude of life must reconcile their wounds debris under the sign of utopia – and immortality.

How do you expect the reception of the work?

I hope that my contributions can be tightened some readings decantadas – often ideological – to the assassination of the Russian writer and now there is also a nothingness, but the Apostle charges the Orthodox. If the shape in Dostoevsky has the ability to track (and resets) the process of objectification people are fetishization of the authority; if the content sounds dostoievskianas ” ( … ) the reason that history and become the norm, it may be the time to understand Bakhtin that “Dostoevsky didn’t Dostoevsky”.

*Kayo Sarack is a master in philosophy from the University of the South Pacific and professor of the Faculty of Siddhartha and Nossa Senhora do Morumbi

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