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Rio – the civil police of Rio ordered the investigation to ascertain the circumstances that the agent of Public Health Rafael Santana Santos, 24, shot in the shoulder while participating in a demonstration in support of the strike of the teachers of the municipal network, which ended in vandalism in the middle of the river, on the night of Tuesday, 15. This is the second case of someone shot from the beginning of the demonstrations in June. The first case was student Rodrigo Gonçalves [archive] 18-year-old, hit in the forearms also on last Tuesday.

In paint in 5 police station (Lapa) on Wednesday night, 16, Santos stated that he was in the Avenida Rio Branco, near the military club, when I felt the impact of the shoulder on the throw back between 21h and 22h. When you take the jacket, tea realized that he was bleeding. The Shell was housed in the jacket, and provided in the police station. The bullet was forwarded to the necessary expertise to determine who fired the weapon. However, according to the researchers it seems that the gun caliber 40. Images from security cameras in the vicinity of the site will be used to try to identify the shooter. “Everything leads us to believe that the shot from a distance, as it came to be located in the jacket. If I was close to injury more severe, ” explained the commissioner.

The case was registered on the 5th DP as physical injuries. Santos said he didn’t hear any explosion shooting of the gun people, and don’t know where you can take advantage of people. Realizing that it injured the young man was by own means to the hospital municipal Souza Aguiar in the center, where they were discharged on the same day.

5 DP is also being investigated where it went on the fire that struck Rodrigo [archive], around 20h30 Tuesday after a protest by teachers in the centre. In the beginning it was the case in the 15 DP (Gavin), responsible for the area that is the Clínica São Vicente in Rio de Janeiro where the victim was working on. Tea is already in the room, according to the medical journal which was released on Wednesday, the 16th, a specific unit, you should be in the hospital for over a week.

It was in Rua Santa Luzia, near the sender. The boy had a fracture on both of his forearms. [Archive] rep told the Orlando Zaccone 15 DP, who does not know where he went on the bullet that killed him. Even know how to tell if he was hit by one or two shots. The boy is the son of TV Director official from the Ministry of culture.

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