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Pat Summitt, the fear of the coach who led the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team to eight national victories, died 28 June 2016 after a battle for five years with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. She was 64.

“This disease attacked a lifetime of precious memories, memories that now have not come back as it was located in the House of the eternal” Pat Summitt Foundation books. “The memories that will live on in every relationship developed throughout her life.”

Summitt wonderful professional at the University of Tennessee began in 1974 when the team was hired women’s basketball coach at the young age of 22. As the New York Times notes: “it was barely bigger than the players.” Summitt is a promising beginning led to a record-breaking career in editing. When he retired in 2012, they ended with a career record of 1,098 wins and 203 losses in the 38 seasons the most career wins of any Division 1 men’s or women’s basketball coach. In that time she has brought the Lady Vols to 18 NCAA Final Four games. Six of the team’s eight national championship titles have been won in a matter of just 12 years.

“Pat is the greatest coach of all time; his fierce spirit lives on through his players and through all of who were inspired by her on a daily basis,” Jimmy Cheek, university chancellor, said in a statement. “Our condolences go out to Taylor and all her family and friends. Words fail to express how proud we are that Pat Summitt name will always be linked to the University of Tennessee.”

Summitt—who won a silver medal in the ’76 Olympics by training team gold in 1984—adopted training after a diagnosis of early-onset dementia in 2011. He got the Presidential Medal of freedom by President Barack Obama in 2012.

In 2013, Summitt cost of the people’s council about her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. “I think that is what it is”. “I didn’t want to hear it [the diagnosis]. But the reality was, as you know. You don’t want to run away from him. For me it is very important to maintain my life.”

Summitt health reports began to fail in the days before her death, as indicated by the messages from friends and family on social media. “I hope you don’t mind that I ask for prayers for a dear friend close to the end of its journey. Means a lot to them [the family],” The Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts wrote on Monday.

He survived her son, Tyler, 25. 27 years of marriage to her husband R. B. Summitt, ended in divorce in 2007.


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