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The electoral process is the best path to strengthen democracy and the exercise of full citizenship, and healthy

By Leandro Constantino*

We are a few days after the first round of general elections in Brazil. This year, elegeremos the president and the vice president, 27 governors vices, 54 members of the Senate and their alternates, 513 federal deputies and 1059 state legislators.

If we imagine just for the sake of the practice of playful, this country is the evil that we face an extensive selection process where they will be recruiting people to manage and supervise the use of public resources, both within the Union and in the United States. Will be that you will shed the power to appoint staff who will take responsibility for the use of money from taxes?

That’s why no matter how much we may be enfadados news scandals or a little excited with the development alternatives, it is necessary to look carefully at the table and don’t excuse themselves from participating in the electoral process in three distinct steps:

  • By: search candidates CVs, their proposals and who are your allies in electoral disputes, so that we can be fully aware of the choice we will make. After all, no one hiring an employee without having a look at your resume and conduct a good interview with him.
  • Through: participation in the electoral process and to exercise the right to vote fundamental in a democracy such as ours, bearing in mind that if you don’t vote someone else in office. This is the question: if we open a hand in choosing a position, how can we talk about qualities and flaws?
  • After: the supervision of the charge of the candidates elected in order to perform its mandate with consistency, as what we promised during election campaigns. We need to keep in mind: a good employee is the one permanently evaluation allows to show the best performance.

Siddhartha believes that awareness and participation in the electoral process is the best path to strengthen democracy and the exercise of full citizenship, and healthy.

*Leandro Constantino is a professor of support the word Siddhartha in Cotia (SP)

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