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Ossip was arrested in the night of May 16, 1934, was sentenced to five years of forced labour. His friend, Boris Pasternak (Nobel Prize later, Doctor Zhivago), who was not an expert in the guts (he wrote poems in praise of Stalin) came to know that Ossip under house arrest in the city of Voronezh. In 1937, Ossip returned to Moscow, but was arrested again in 1938 and sentenced to five years in concentration camps. It is not pressure.

“Deprive me of the sea and protection and the wings, and give my feet the seat of the Earth-violent, What do you got? Wrong. Haven’t mastered those lips that move.”

Or still: “in the middle of the road of my life I was trapped in the deep forest of the Soviets by the thugs who themselves my judges. They were older men with necks twisted and heads of small goose”.

On jovفي man admiring their laughter, words of love life has become in the 47 years of age something that is already after his death, standing in the Snows of Siberia, played naked in the landscape of ice to its development. Can’t talk more. Is in Vladivostok that led to a new circle of Hell, The Gulag. He’s not going to work camps. He died somewhere in the 27 of December 1937, or according to others, at the beginning of 1938 in the transfer field near Vladivostok.

“When I was going to die after fulfilling the time / you were always a friend to all who live on Earth the sound is louder and a lot more / the echo of the sky in the entire chest.”

A few months ago when he was still in Voronezh, his wife Nadejda earned the right to increase it. No longer. Said Nadejda more or less this: “we imagine that people aren’t more interested in the people in this country. In any case, there is at least one that takes people seriously, is Stalin.” And soon the lives of Mandelstam ends and then begins it all. Translation/ Claudia Bozzo

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