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Lewis Hamilton takes pole Japan F1 Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel ninth

The first step is to identify and understand their problems. Then learn how to deal with them, from there, seek ways to channel. At this time, the adult serves as an example of children who are watching how to deal with situations that didn’t turn out as planned. Dealing with frustration is part of life-and-error that brings a lot of learning. Allows this is paramount!

In the second method c the children experience the daily situations that interact in a cooperative manner: they learn to wait their turn, stop the results are collective solutions, and to deal with the different desires of their own. Thinking about work, on the other hand requires a change in attitude: affect and be affected! Don’t just apologize to repeat the error consistently. Hearing ” no ” when necessary is as important as welcoming the all the parties in the conflict. Children and adults learn how to live, to feel. Value that is intended to be and should not be. So we see that the warm, the positions of friendship and the dough from the heart are the paths to goals.



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